Featured Artists

https://www.shantommo.com GiGi Hadid by Noel Cruz of http://ncruz.com

Fashion Designers

If you’ve dived into the pool of collecting OOAK or ONE OF A KIND collectibles, especially 1/6th or 1/4th dolls or actions figures you’ll probably discover the wide and diverse pool of fashion designers who design specifically for the smaller scaled ladies and gentlemen of the collectors world.



Some of the very talented people featured here and throughout this sight sculpt not only scaled foods and drinks but also craft their own dolls faces and bodies. Artists like Chan (PLASTIC GUY & CHAN DOLL) who excels at crafting not only the molds for his creations but also creates custom fashions.



With any form of artistry there lies the heart of an artist. Sketching, drawing, doodling, painting and forever honing their skills to repaint either realistic reflections of those current or who’ve left us but have a tribute in scaled form to the creative and imaginative. This site celebrates all artist who crave challenge, improvement and beauty.