The Black Label Stable

Here are (12) Black Label Farrah Fawcett's together. These comprise the collection of repainted and restyled specifically for and will be the focus of this collection represented throughout this site & future publications. Is twelve enough? We shall see. With each passing year there seems to be an additional look and difference that makes each of these truly OOAK (one of a kind).

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Regent Miniatures

Ken Haseltine is an award winning creative Diorama builder. He specialized in 1/12th until someone encouraged him to try his hand at 1/6th. He has a store on eBay and also takes requests. He has hand crafted and recreated iconic Barbie structures such as the Barbie Shoppe and built a one sixth scale Barn for this collection.

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Noel Cruz

If you thought that no one could truly capture the essence, hair style or nuance of a smile, or the light emanating from within, then be prepared to be amazed. Noel has been recognized (world wide) for his painting abilities and his craft and recapturing celebrities. Visit his site for more of his work and to bid on upcoming eBay auctions.


Scaled down accuracy

If you are an avid collector of just beginning the knowledge that has been amassed to date will be shared here. Including photography tips, the best sites to shop on line and what to avoid.

There are a lot of great web sites where you can find the scale, for here it's mainly 1/6th sized items such as Monkey Depot, they specialize in military type toys but you can find everything from articulated Asmus horses to jeeps to a suit. Be sure to check out Integrity Toys web site for all things Fashion Royalty related. Seriously the best made fashions for the Ladies are on this site.

There are also many groups that you can join as a collector such as Doll Observers which has a great web site and exclusive previews.  Be sure check out Toys Amino which also is a great app for your phone and will really open you up to a huge diverse collection community.


Debut Magazine for

The debut magazine for & is available now! It's the WINTER issue. This first features an exclusive interview & answer session with artist Noel Cruz (who specializes in repainted & restyled Barbie, Hot Toy, Tonner and other collectible repaints) with features and tips on photographing collections, posing and diorama artist & craftsman Ken Haseltine of Regent Miniatures.