A reinvented Barbie Shoppe featuring a Noel Cruz repaint.
Black Label Fawcett by Noel Cruz.

Ken Haseltine of Regent Miniatures has taken home a lot of ribbons for his work building dioramas. For this collection alone he has built the following in one sixth scale, A three story Regent Mansion, a Horse Barn, a newly conceptualized Barbie Shoppe based on the classic Mattel Barbie Shoppe, a Church, an A-Frame Cabin, a Charlie’s Angels office based on the series ever changing Townsend Investigations Office and several other dioramas that will be featured.  You can click below for Ken’s links to everything from his current line of furniture on eBay to viewing other dioramas and scales of his work. If you are seriously thinking about getting a custom made diorama done, shoot Ken at email. NEW furniture on ebay

1:12 Diorama Samples & 1:12 DYNASTY
& 1:6 Room-Boxes

Repainted Angels of Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and David Doyle in the Regent Miniatures version of the Charlie’s Angels Townsend Investigations Office.

1:6 Regent Mansion | 1:6 Regent A-Frame Cabin
1:6 Barbie Shop | 1:6 Charlie’s Angels Office

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