1Sixth Winter Book on iTunes!


1Sixth Book is on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1454076425

GiGi Hadid by Noel Cruz (http://ncruz.com) models SHANTOMMO’s fashions!

Also as featured in the 1Sixth Winter Hardbound Edition available in Hardback/imagewrap or paperback cover. Also as a PDF or eBook.

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This is from the hardbound edition of 1Sixth’s Winter Magazine for 2019! Featuring fashion designer and artist Ryan Liang, Repaint artist Noel Cruz, INI, Chan Sama aka CyGuy/Plastic Guy to Russian Sculptress Greta to dolls like Dominion Doll, Fashion Royalty, Barbie to Sideshow and QMX! This is a great gift for the hardcore collector who wants high end quality with replications that beg the question, “Is that really the person?