Fresh Palette by SHANTOMMO

FRESH PALETTE by Shantommo


  • Blazer Dress
  • Material: Peach Pink tweed cotton
  • Fully lined
  • Comes with matching oversized belt
  • Front closure with hooks and thread loops
  • Fits 12” NuFace, Fashion Royalty, Colour Infusion, The Industry/Tulabelle dolls
  • Other accessories or doll is not included

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Diana Ross as repainted and restyled for by Noel Cruz of in a Regent Miniatures Diorama by Ken Haseltine of wearing Shantommo Fresh Palette

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Fashion Forward

Unveiling 2018
From Shantommo’s e-Newsletter:

Happy New Year!
Starting off the 2018 Collection. we have plenty to offer. First off, these two looks we dearly love: Blazer dress with bell sleeves & off-shoulder dress with ruffles. Limited sets available. Grab them before they are gone!

Estimated delivery: One week after payment.
Shoes shown in the pictures will be available for orders in February and March.


Farrah Fawcett wearing a fashion by Ryan Liang

“Tailored madness and controlled fantasy”. Staying true to those words, SHANTOMMO’S entire chic ready-to-wear collections for 12” & 16” fashion dolls are constructed with a whisk of sophistication and a drop of sultriness. Involved in high-end photography and fashion styling, the Founder, Ryan Liang allows the brand to be influenced by his passion of majestic photos and styles giving SHANTOMMO an upper advantage. From the selection of lustrous fabric to cutting, fitting and overall styling, he makes a point to be involved in all areas to assure the highest utmost quality for all its’ collection. SHANTOMMO was founded in 2013 and is currently operating out of Malaysia.