Angelina Jolie a Repainted/Restyled Figure by Artist Noel Cruz

This is a repainted and restyled Dominion Doll (Visit their site for more figures at ( by artist Noel Cruz of This BJD came direct from Russia with Love and was then sent to Noel. This is one of his last repaints before he leaves for the Philippines for a little trip back home. Angelina was completed on March 16, 2019.

eBay auction by Noel Cruz for OOAK Evangeline Ghastly


OOAK Tonner Wilde Resin Evangeline Ghastly doll repaint – by Noel Cruz of on ebay auction at:

Noel Cruz Art presents
Evangeline Ghastly 
custom repaint of 18.5-inch Tonner Wilde Resin Evangeline Ghastly doll
custom one-of-a-kind repaint



auction is for nude bald repainted doll



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Charlie’s Angels Repaints coming to eBay May 2018

Coming to eBay auction May 2018 Angel Barbie’s will be repainted  of Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett-Majors! Noel originally did an auction in 2012. This is the first full set of angels since then that Cruz’s created.  You can see the original auctioned dolls and the results of those auctions on his web site.

#CharliesAngels #JaclynSmith, #KateJackson, #CherylLadd and #FarrahFawcett all repainted and restyled 1:6 scale collectible dolls by artist Noel Cruz of eBay at Diorama of Charlie’s Angels office by Ken Haseltine of Red, White and Black Velvet Dresses featured on Angels are by Elena Peredreeva on line at On Flickr on DollObservers at

Nichelle Nichols as restyled and repainted by Noel Cruz

Have you seen the Nichelle  Nichols Barbie as restyled and repainted by artist Noel Cruz? Well, if not, check her out along with Quantum Mechanix 1:6 scale figures of William Shatner (as Captain Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (as Mr. Spock) and DeForest Kelley (as Dr. McCoy) in a custom built replica by Ken Haseltine of Regent Miniatures. You can see more photos of the diorama on Regent’s WebSite Page.